14 January 2013


The cursor keeps on blinking, and I'm stumped. 

What is my dream job?

What is my dream job?

Four years into the work force, and most days I day dream of the infinite possibilities of what I really want to do with my life. Some of them mundane, most are a little absurd, and a host have potential.

And then one day, as I was practicing my calligraphy, I realized what my dream job would be --

I want to be an artisan. A crafts(wo)man. 

Of what exactly, I'm not sure. I've dabbled in a lot of things, went to workshops, was in a trial and error sort of phase, and all of them I would love to do. However, I can never let myself to be a Jane of all trades, and a master of none. I want to be someone who's expert at something and people will come to her, because this is what she's good at. 

So I've kind of narrowed it down to four things, and if I can find an intersection of all, then that would just be plain awesome.
all photographs were taken by me, except for the cheese.

1. Coffee/Tea
In one of my random daydreams, I would think about opening up a small garden cafe where there are different kinds of coffee or tea, or even some that are uniquely blended for specific customers -- and of course partnering it with the right sweets, and whatnot.

2. Cheese
I enjoy cheese, and I love pairing it with different wines and food. There is more to life than Kraft Eden cheese. 

3. Indigenous Textiles
If there is one more thing I'm passionate about, apart from the reformation of education in the country, it's the indigenous culture of the Philippines. And one thing that showcases the richness of our heritage is through our textiles. The patterns, the textures...*sigh* I can just go on and on about it. 

4. Calligraphy
The written word that bleeds on paper. It's an art as much as meditation for the writer. Each stroke, each curve of the nib calms me and brings me joy, and the end result always surprises me. My thoughts, my spirit are transferred to the ink that has besmirched the virginal space of the page.

There you are. Hm, upon thinking about this on my drive home I realized a subconscious reason why I wanted to become an artisan/craftswoman of something. My grandparents had skills that brought others joy. Both my grandfathers were carpenters in their own right. My maternal grandfather even made a hammer handle with a bayabas branch. While my grandmothers were masters at the sewing machine. My maternal grandmother even made baby shoes for a living back in the day. 

I guess a part of me claims that this is my birthright. To work with my hands, to have an output, and to deliver it to the people who believed that my skill was enough to give them what they need. 

Looking through my blogging partner Loreen's post, something really struck me; she really highlighted what speaks to her, what she was passionate about, and how in the end she wanted to effect change -- to make people see her perspective. She writes:
 I will be a SOMEBODY who wrote about the LGBT community. Being part of that community, I know that writing a book about the triumphs and plights of a Filipino Lesbian will help give the world an insight into what goes on in our minds - how we are NOT SO DIFFERENT, and advocate for our basic human rights. I just want the world to recognize us, and not scoff or judge or HATE.
Like her, I want to be able to do something that will contribute change. To make people see that we all have this collective experience that makes us Filipinos. I want to be part of that collective, that what I do matters because this speaks of who we are as a nation.

Two nights ago, I wrote a prototype of this entry in my journal. In the end, being the practical person that I am, I just had to break down the process of my path in becoming an artisan/craftswoman on paper. Of course I didn't want my dream to just be a dream. 

I usually like to complicate things, and then this surprised me. They seem workable enough to maneuver the dream. I find it cumbersome when the practical side of me plays devil's advocate and barrages me with questions on how I can make my dream to reality. And so I've reconciled that it has to be converted into a workable idea, something that can be accomplished with the resources I have now. If I have that idea in mind, then I need to break it down into bite-sized goals. If need be, then I would have to do something each day to bring me closer to what I want to do. It can be a million bite-sized goals for all I care. I know this will not happen overnight, but it will eventually happen. And so when I get to my destination, and then it becomes a reality. But I know I'm not stopping there because innovation must take place. 

I think I'm getting ahead of myself. Right now, I can honestly say that I'm not even halfway through my dream-workable idea phase. 

But we'll get there...we'll get there. 

Now you might be thinking what in the world my title's all about. A wandergesellen in it's strict sense is a journeyman, a traveling craftsman. But for me, I guess it would apply as I am someone who sees this dream job as a pilgrimage of sorts. I learn as much as I can to hone my craft, and to be able to master it under the tutelage of an expert, and in the end, contribute to a cause greater than I am.

One bite-sized goal at a time. 

So how about you? What's your dream job?

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  1. my goodness blogging partner I LOVE YOUR CALLIGRAPHY :) *drools*

  2. Thank you partner! :) Let's start working on your manuscript. hehe. Mangungulit ako about it :D

  3. You have such an interesting mix of interests, definitely screams artisan! I'm glad I started clicking through everyone's links and eventually was able to find your blog because that means one more crafter/artisan to follow! Just reading about your dream jobs makes me feel so excited. I certainly can't wait to see what you'll come up with in the coming days. :)

  4. Coffee/tea + Cheese + Calligraphy + Indigenous textiles? Somehow I reaaaaally see this working in the future! Like a cafe/tea shop where you also sell crafts made from indigenous textiles packaged in made-with-love bags with your calligraphy on it, maybe? :)

  5. PS. I totally agree with & love your
    Dream --> Workable idea --> Bite-sized goals --> Reality illustration!!

  6. That's a cool set of dream jobs! I'm a cheese lover myself, but I've never thought I could translate it into a job!

    You seem like such an interesting person! I'll be following your blog! <3

  7. Such an interesting post. You had me at coffee, tea and cheese. <3

  8. "a million bite-sized goals"

    hmn...words to ponder~

  9. Hi! where do you buy the nib, nib holder and ink? :)