01 November 2012

To the touch

Apart from having a sensitive nose, I'm also a very tactile person. I love how textures interplay with how I feel and remember things. It must be some form of synesthesia, who knows, but I particularly love the intimacy of true textiles. Those cloths that have the intricacy of the weave, and the labor of being hand-made.

Beautiful textiles are a bit pricey, especially here in the Philippines. But once you get your hands on a piece (or two, or three...or four) well I do believe that each has a story to tell.

I'm very drawn to local textiles since we do have a rich history of it,especially those of the indigenous weaves. I'd really love to own an authentic one (not the printed kind), especially that of the T'nalak of the T'boli Tribe.

I own a few small pieces of Philippine made textiles, and if you are a fellow Filipino, or even a foreigner reading this, I hope you take the time in learning about our country through these beautifully hand-made cloths.

I remember buying this one in Davao for a fair price. The pattern is pretty common, almost like the Scottish Plaid. 

I cannot remember, for the life of me, where I bought this one. Even though it's shockingly pink, the design is still pretty tribal. 

This one is actually a handkerchief. It's the embroidery that struck me the most. Isn't it delicate? This is made in Iloilo.  

I bought this in the same place as above. The place mostly sells what they call bobbin weaves.  

 And yet another design. Oh, and no, I haven't used any of the hankies. I just couldn't seem to.

Now this last piece is the biggest of them all. It's actually a blanket, and yes, I'm using it now. It came from Ilocos and was sold at a very low price at this trade fair and I snatched it up immediately.

I have dreams of learning how to weave one day, although at the back of my head, I wouldn't really want to because I feel that if I do learn it, the magic and the mystery of this thing I can touch, I can feel, would be gone.

Does that make sense?

So are you the same? Are you also a textile fiend?


  1. I'm with you on this textile thing, it's a must-search-for item when I'm traveling to new lands.
    I actually bought some textiles at that store you recommended to me in Cebu (must post part 2 soon...).

  2. hey i like the colors of the textiles in the two top pics. nice combinations!

    i must admit though, i'm not a big textile enthusiast like you & mr sek. but i i do like soft and nice textiles against my skin but that's it. :)

  3. this is fascinating...makes you wanna look at fabric a different way. Thank you btw for dropping by my blog!

  4. Wow. You have a great eye. I am not that particular about things.