15 October 2012

Word #1: Envisage

Today's word has been brought you by The Merriam-Webster Dictionary's Word for the Day.

I've subscribed to the said website's word for the day and everyday I get to learn or relearn new and not so new words. I really wanted to make something proactive out of it, and to stretch and practice my skills in photography and, well, handwriting (I wouldn't call it calligraphy just yet). 

And so I start with this, hopefully getting better with it as the weeks pass by. Do you think I should do this once a week? Twice a week? Everyday? 

You see, I've always envisaged this blog to be something more than just a depository of thoughts and more like a true representation of me and what I can do. Oh, hey, see what I did there? Haha.  

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