23 October 2012

Surplus Adventures

You know how impromptu trips are the best? How unplanned store run-ins give you the best surprises?

This is what happened to my brother, ninang (godmother), and I last Sunday. We were supposed to be doing some grocery shopping, when we passed by this Japanese Surplus Shop. My ninang was looking for a shoe rack/cabinet, and we just noticed that there were hearty cabinets that might just do the trick. And so we entered the sweaty, and hot, and humid store, and it literally was something like a garage sale. With semi-organized treasures (or junk -- it depends the way you look at it) we probably spent a good hour just scouring the place with knick-knacks, and randomly picking up stuff because they were either cute, or they seemed like collector's item.

We eventually ended up with a handful of plates, such as this one with a cute detail:

But I would love to say that I was over the moon ecstatic with this one purchase:

I've been clamoring for an old school SLR since I want to go back to my film roots. The first time I shot with a film camera and a black and white shoot at that was during my sophomore year in college. Oh, how I miss it!

For something that was manufactured in the late 70s, it's still in pretty good shape. The lens has minimal to no molds, and all the parts are still working. (Although I've just loaded canister of film recently, and will start to shoot tomorrow). Hopefully it can still expose film, and hopefully I can still find a place for the pictures to get developed. If you know one, do let me know?

It's fun finding little treasures in that shop. I'm also glad that my ninang pushed me to look for a toothpick holder at a glass case of trinkets. I happened to pick up at what I first thought as a pen stand, but it turned out to be a stamp! And the fun part about it was that the shop keep threw it in for free with my other purchases. And my ninang got her toothpick holder for half the price.

Unfortunately the stamp is too big for the stamp pad I have on hand hence the uneven coating of ink. What if I try to brush the ink? Hm. I'll be experimenting with this one soon! By the way, does anyone know Japanese? I'd really love to know what it says there. I honestly am a bit scared if it turns out to be something mischievous or naughty. But the monkey's flying a kite, so it wouldn't be that bad? Hm.

So, are there any shop adventures that you've had recently? How about surplus or thrift shops that you favor and enjoy?


  1. sounds like a real treasure trove of a shop! nice camera btw. hope the pics turn out well.

    oh and that stamp. it says "akemashite omedetou gozaimasu". it's a new years greeting. basically "happy new year".

  2. @Luu: Oh, thanks! I was honestly scared that it might say something impish and I might regret getting it. But that's good to know. So now I have something to send out for the new year! :)

  3. I looove these kinda stores and like you can spend hours looking through the hidden treasures.
    love your purchases, esp that camera!
    look forward to seeing some photos from you.

    oh, did you know you have quite a few Japanese speakers following your blog?!

  4. @Sekimachihato: I hope I can find a store that still develops films. BTW, do they have these kind of shops in Japan too?

    Ohhh, I'm happy to hear that! :) domo arigato!