15 October 2012

Songs and Memories

picture taken at a bench in the UPFI Ishmael Bernal Hall circa 2007

How do you relive a memory? Are you like me that is so easily stirred by the emotions of it all because it was triggered by your senses?

My senses of smell and sound are always the culprit to go all nostalgic. And even though I'm not that musical,  when I hear a certain song, I can exactly pinpoint myself at a certain time in the past, what emotion I was going through, etc. 

Recently I've rediscovered an old thumb drive that had my stash of songs from college. I got all giddy and honestly a bit teary eyed. And for some reason I thought of my parents listening to their old, old songs on the radio every Rewind Sundays. Was this the way they felt about it?

Here's a few of the songs from my stash. I suppose you could build a profile of who I was then. 

1. Sunday by Bloc Party
2. Mojo Pin by Jeff Buckley
3. Grace Kelly by Mika
4. With A Smile by Eraserheads
5. Luha by Kapatid

So how about you? Were there any songs that defined a certain memory of yours? Or are you more of an olfactory kind of person to get memories and emotions triggered?

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