02 August 2012

Just Because

I've never seriously considered joining craft workshops, only enjoying reading about them in blogs, or in posts. But then, something just clicked, and I eventually joined a rubber cutting (lino cutting) workshop hosted by Craft MNL.

Who knew that rubber cutting can be such an arduous task? But let me tell you, it was wonderful and worth it.

I was extremely giddy when the print came out. I'm proud of my work. 

And I'm definitely proud of the imperfections that came with it. 

This might be a craft that I could carry on for a long time. The carving part must be part of my genes since both grandfathers were excellent carpenters. My maternal grandfather even fashioned his own hammer handle made from a discarded guava branch! At the end of the workshop, I was tired, but I felt peace. Each dig of the tool was therapeutic to say the least. I was thoroughly surprised, and I'm extremely happy, since I joined this workshop, just because.

How about you? Have you done anything lately (crafts, or otherwise) that surprised you?


  1. lino cutting! and i love your anchor. that's not bad for your first time. you're a natural! lino cutting brings back memories- The first (and last) time I did it was when I was 11 years old in Australia.

    I haven't done any crafty things for a while. i do miss it though. making things with your hands is really satisfying.

  2. Thank you! It's actually funny because we don't have linos here. We used rubber soles (the ones we use for shoes) as substitutes, so it was really hard carving into them.

    What did you cut back then?

  3. i love crafting. It's just a bit frustrating now that I have no time. Well may time naman, but each time may extra hour parang tutunganga na lang ako. I have a lot of ideas stored in my computer for my diy projects and i thought now na malaki na baby ko ill have more time, pero hindi pala. Kasi malikot na. Pagtupi lang ng mga bagong laba it takes time kasi, magtutupi ako, guguluhin naman ng baby ko.

    yiu're right, crafting is calming kahit kakapagod. You've made something and it feels good.

  4. I've done it before and found it really satisfying to dig in.

    Your anchor print is glorious! I bet if you used fabric paint and put it on large scrap cloth you'd have some kickass dishtowels!

  5. but your output di nmn pang first time .. baka ako niyan mali mali gawa ko ,,, goodjob po

  6. @KULAPITOT: thanks! the material is very forgiving, kaya okay lang kahit di perfect. in fact, it's prettier in an imperfect manner. :)

    @Halley: Thanks! :) I might just do that!

    @Denise: Thanks! Maybe when he grows up a little? :)

  7. Ah nice! Love the anchor, too. I've been seeing posts about craft MNL's workshops going around so really keep on trying their next one. xx