17 July 2012

On Desktop Wallpapers

I've never really paid much attention to my computer's wallpaper until I bought my own laptop last year. For some reason, I obsessed over it. I wanted it to be a reflection of who I am and what I was feeling -- a general mood so to speak. 

When I think about it, I laugh at the idea that I'm even writing a blog post on something as trivial as a...wallpaper. But anyway, it is a reflection of our state, isn't it? 

I'm not going to bore you with the evolution of my wallpapers, but just so you can get a glimpse of my confused state of both melancholy and calm, here are two photos that I'm currently rotating in my office laptop. 

The New York City Skyline photograph was taken by Jim Richardson of National Geographic, and the Firefly photo was by Japanese photographer, Tsuneaki Hiramatsu.

So what's your wallpaper today? Do you agonize too which one would look nicer and represent you?


  1. OMG wallpapers do sooooo represent us.

    hahaha. guess mine?

    si yllac. (of course) Before yllac i pretty much convinced myself that i will never be one of those moms...you know, naka print sa shirt nila mukhang anak nila, their babies faces on their mugs. well, can't help but fall in the "mom" category.

    kahit credit card ko mukha ni yllac andun. heehee.

    so, by your wallpaper, you're a new yorker huh????

  2. @Denise: Being proud of your kid is good -- besides, your son is guapo! :D I'm only a tita, but I can't stop talking about my nieces and nephews and parading around their photos.

    Oh, how I wish I was a New Yorker, but no. The photo just captures the mood I'm in now :D