27 June 2012

On Writing

After blog hopping, or even after reading an exceptionally good book, I get so inspired to write. Although before actually putting thoughts into cyberspace, everything fizzles out and I get hopeless.

I don't get to write because I need to get something done first --
Or because I'm on the road --
Or because I can't find paper --
Or maybe even a pen --

Or maybe, I'm just making excuses and that I'm afraid to let everyone know what I'm thinking.

I tried to remedy this as of late. I started to write in my journal again (even if I don't get to blog), as it's now with me in bed, and even if my handwriting turns into scribbles, and my hands couldn't keep up with what my mind is trying to say -- oh how I feel purged after everything. 

And for a moment, catharsis happens. 

Sweet, numbing, catharsis. I feel empty, and sleepy, and yet my mind starts racing again. 

Now, how about you? Have you ever had bouts of maddening writing fits, and yet, once you start writing it all dissipates? Or maybe you hesitated before hitting the publish button? Or have you ever thought of just keeping your thoughts where they belong -- locked in the recesses of your mind?

1 comment:

  1. ah. i know the feeling! the surge of inspiration when reading blogs or books.

    i wish i could find the time to write. i guess i should just make some time. if nothing else- just write about ordinary stuff in my journal. haven't used it for a while now.