18 June 2012

12 Minute Stoplight

10 PM.

The air was crisp and the crickets were singing. There weren't much people around the darkened street. Both of them were walking in silence, his hands clasped behind his head, her arms swinging front to back. His strides were longer than hers, but it really wasn't much of an effort to match it.

"So,"  she started.

He looked sideways at her. "So," he said back. 

They continued to walk in silence.

They were coming up at an intersection, the traffic light was just ahead.

"Let's beat the stoplight." she said, her voice full of mirth.

"Are you crazy? In case you've gone temporarily blind, we happen to be on foot."

"Come on! Don't be such a spoilsport. You don't need a car to beat the red light."

She was laughing at him now. Her eyes crinkled in amusement.

"Come on," she was beckoning him as they approached nearer, "When it turns yellow, we run!"

"What?" he looked at her incredulously.



"NOW!" she abruptly said then ran fast like the wind. Her hair whipped to the next street.

He ran after her.


He failed.

She was laughing hard now, her hands clutching her side stitch. He caught up with her, his breath ragged as he coughed a few times. He bent his knees low, head bowed, hands glued to thighs.

"Shouldn't have done that -"

"Your face was priceless!"

"Hey! Someone might have thought I was chasing you!"

She laughed more. Even under the pale light of the street lamp they were under, he noticed that her cheeks were flushed and her hair was now a bit toussled.

He grinned at her, she was practically amusing herself.

"Calm down, you might have an aneurism." He said smiling.

Her laughter subsided and she was still clutching her side.

"That was fun." Said she.

He grinned more.

"Thank you."

He looked at her rather confused.

"For what?" he asked.

"Just, thank you." She grinned at him, shaking her head.


They settled down for a while, catching their breath.

The crickets were singing loudly this time as they started walking in silence again. A smile graced his lips as he reveled in her quirks. She seemed to have sensed it though and asked him, "What?"


She seemed satisfied with his answer. But barely.


They walked in silence.

10:12 PM.


Since it seems like I'm getting some old stuff, I thought, heck, might as well share this one to you. This a short piece I wrote for a friend back in 2007. This is based on true events by the way. Hee. Photo taken at the actual stoplight, eons ago.

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