10 May 2012

Then and Now

It's incredibly funny how my lola (grandmother) used the cut and paste technique years before photoshop. This is me and my cousins circa 1988. Can you guess which one I am? 

And of course, here we are now, well not exactly now but two years ago during my cousin's wedding.

We always try to make time for each other. The plan was to get together every month, but that's not happening, so basically, just when we can. And I love them. 

I can just imagine what our parents thought when we took the first picture. Were they thinking about our futures, or how to make us sit still, or maybe how cute we were? Every year since then, we have the compulsory all together now picture taken. It's different now though. Three of them have kids, four of them have spouses. But in the end, our parents still refer to us as ang mga bata (the children), when in fact we are already in our mid twenties to early thirties. 

Time indeed flies. 


  1. hello ma'am! :) andami dami nating teachers sa blogsphere. aliw much.

    in fairness sa shot.