28 May 2012

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

As with any other review, let me tell you upon how I acquired the book. Quite an enchanting tale, really, or not. But in my head it  is. 

It was the last report card day of the school year, and probably the last time I was to ever see majority of my students, most especially that of the school club I'm handling. And so, being the book nerds that we were, we set up a date in a second hand bookstore, you know, just so we could -- hang out? How funny it looked, trust me, being the only person in the group who's in her mid-twenties, sort of chaperoning a group of teenagers. (I know they wouldn't want to look at it that way, but it is what it is.) 

For those who scout around second hand bookshops, you would know what I'm about to say next. 

Finding a gem in a shop llike that isn't really that hard. But it is hard. Ha!

I circled the tiny shop over and over again, looking for titles that seemed interesting, and put down all of them. Now I kept on passing by this book, "The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul" by Douglas Adams. I kept running his name in my head, thinking who the heck is this guy. I know I've seen him somewhere. Until it clicked. Here's the guy who wrote "A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy".

Although I've see the film, I'm not really privy to his work. Don't blame me, just that his style didn't match mine until recently (the entire evolution of my reading taste shall be discussed in a later post). So I picked it up, perching perilously at the very top of a wobbly book pile, opened it at the very first page just to see if it was worth pursuing. 



It definitely was. 

I couldn't help myself, and laughed out loud, probably much to the derision of my students. 

As much as I would have loved to read it in one sitting, time, and most especially, life got in the way. But I'm happy I did so in several readings rather in just one. I suppose I appreciated his wit and humor more so. 

I wouldn't bother in telling you the story, because that would spoil everything, but after reading this one, it made me hanker for more of his work. It's funny too that Thor makes an appearance (again as the arrogant god that he is) and mind you I was reading this while Avengers was playing in cinemas. Unfortunately though, I never found the character to look like Chris Hemsworth -- oddly enough in my mind it was a younger version of Hulk Hogan. Trust me I don't know either. 

It's interesting how Adams tried to show the creation of the mythos, of gods. In no way was it irreverent (I mean if you're thinking it dissed religion) just that the premise of us humans creating gods, and what have you because we need them. Think about it. Now after we've "evolved" what exactly happens to them? How do we, as a species, react if gods truly roamed the earth? I would say it was supposed to be a symbiotic relationship, but more so to them than us. We are cunning creatures, making sure we get the best of what this relationship has to offer. 

So, is it worth the read? Definitely. Just make sure that you're ready to get a little more than what you asked for, and take note of the sarcasms, will you?

Now, if you are having a hard time looking for this, and well, would want to read it, then just shoot me your email in the comments below and I'd be glad to send my copy, wherever you may be. Mind you, it is a second hand book, so don't expect a brand new one. Capisce?


  1. hi gn! though i haven't gotten around reading his works just yet, (my encounters of him are mostly though youtube videos)Douglas Adams is really an interesting fellow. Very powerful wit and humor. :D I hope to be able to read him soon. -- fleur

  2. Hello!
    Stumbled upon your blog and I just want to tell you that I love it. Douglas Adams is awesome, I loved reading H2G2 and this sounds like an interesting book. Does your offer to give the book away still stand? Heh. Just wondering, since I'd love to be able to read this one too. :)

    Thanks in advance!


  3. Hey Drea,

    Thanks for stumbling in my blog. Yup, offer is still stands! :) Just email me your contact details at gn.edessa [at] gmail [dot] com.