28 April 2012

Typical Day

After being reoriented with the internet two weeks ago, I decided to blog again as much as I can. And so for a preview, let me show you what a typical day for me is like.


I wake up, grab my camera, and shoot. It's 6:28 in the morning, and I'm slightly elated because it's partly cloudy. That usually means rain. However my spidey senses are tingling. It is incredibly humid, and that does not bode well.

And so I go to the parking lot, which is about a block away from where I live. And there are overgrown weeds all over.

And off we go to Makati. Here's Paseo in a zoom.

Barrage of cars!

And at 6:57 PM, I finally go out of the office, stealing shots of the RCBC building. The lights are just amazing. 

On our way home, we would always pass by this small water station (?). The sign always made us laugh. "Ang Lihim ng Guadalupe: Pinakaligtas na inuming tubig" (The Secret of Guadalupe: The Safest Drinking Water). I'm sorry but it does sound like something a porn film is supposed to be made of. 

Going towards C5's elevated U-Turn. Hey, light traffic! Nice. 

Then stop by for gas and some air. Php 56.99 per liter. 

And then home. My parking slot is at the very end of the lot, my marker being the last lamp post. Oh, hello Mr. Tumnus. 

And so I wake up again, this time with clear skies, and it's incredibly sunny. 

Next time, I'd post something that actually involves my work...but then that may be boring since it's just my laptop and me. :)


  1. Ang ganda ng shots mo, ate Gn! :D at ang ganda ng area ng tinitirahan mo. :D

  2. I so wish I could drive to work instead of taking the subway. but then again it would take me a lot longer due to tokyo's rush hour traffic...
    do you listen to music going to work?

  3. We listen to the radio going to work, but I listen to a lot of music WHILE at work. Hee. :) How 'bout you?

  4. you listen to music AT work; now that sounds pretty good!
    I sometimes listen to music going to/from the office but most of time just read blogs and catch up on the news.