17 April 2012

I feel weird, typing here again. My unbidden thoughts floating around cyberspace.

Makati has embraced me in her smoggy arms again, after being enveloped by Antipolo's secluded trees. The transition is quite fast, almost dizzying (just like our elevator here - ha! elevator. Such a foreign concept.) but I suppose it's just like ripping the band-aid off very fast so that it gets the job done, although not painless, but the agony is lesser.

I don't make sense. I know. Just that I want to resuscitate this blog, however intermittent my posts may be. I'm sorry that I don't have a picture to go with it. Just imagine my words, and hope to God that it will be enough.

I plan to write about the books I read. Well good luck because that will take an awfully long time in between. I'll try. I really would.

So for now, I bid you adieu. I hope my writing itch strikes again - enough for me to actually publish my notes.


  1. Nice to see you back!
    I've just uploaded by second post for 2012 so can't judge you...

    looking forward to some good book recommendations too! (when you have time)

    btw, I'm heading down your way in a couple of months time and have a few questions for you. they can wait for later though.

    1. hey! nice to see you too. I've been lurking about cyberspace for the past few months, but not "actively" participating.

      I'm about to finish one book, so I hope I can upload something soon. and...do ask! just get ready for extremely humid and/or extremely wet or (a combination of both)weather! just email me or summat. :)

  2. Yehey! You are back :) Anong nababasa ko na hindi ka na guro? Chika chika!