17 September 2011


Every time I would write something here, I get stuck.

I partially blame twitter for that, you see. 140 characters or less, and so my thoughts are mere phrases or incoherent babbles at most.

A year later and I'm still struggling with what to write, what to post, what to share.

I partially blame life for that. My busy schedule and real life relationships gets in the way of my netizen existence.

So pardon my rather short post. I would very much like to expose the inner workings of my brain right now. Its just that lack of sleep and the mounting realization that I need to grow up soon is weighing heavily on my buzzed brain.

I promise I will get back to writing. Because I promise to finish at least a chapter or two of my (dear Lord, please let it come to fruition) novel by the end of this year.

That, yoga, and my photography.


  1. thought you had just popped out for a break but then I started to think that you had dropped off the earth instead.
    either way, nice to see you back-ish.
    and don't worry about that pressure to grow up. you'll have that no matter what age you are; we all do.

  2. a year is too long isn't it? to tell you honestly, i've a lot of drafts stored away, always half finished.

    how's kou-chan? :)