31 October 2010

Solitary House Work

I'm a bit enamored by this whole idea of being able to do housework perfectly. Like Martha Stewart perfect that it's scary. But honestly, I would rather cook than do laundry.

Don't ask me what we cooked the pig's heart for because I can't remember.

So anyway, Typhoon Ketsana toppled over our stove oven and now only the stove top works. It kind of sucks because our family has this love affair with baked chicken and we haven't had a proper one in a long time. Imagine our excitement when we got this turbo broiler for free! Well, it's the next best thing to baking right?

Yes, that's the actual chicken, covered with peppercorns, and stuffed with some garlic and lemongrass.

It's so funny because it's our first time to use one. We stared at it for a full minute, laughing uncontrollably because it was illuminating our tiny kitchen. I know, I know, we're a bit shallow when it comes to these things. But the funniest thing was what I saw in the instructions manual. Take a look at the "Solitary old man" part.

The turbo broiler will help ease the loneliness, yeah? Heehee.

So, what house work are you most inclined to do? Do like to organize? Cook? Do laundry? Do tell.


  1. Gn! Gail here. How are you? We missed you a bunch! Same number pa rin ba? Hehe. :)

  2. i read about that typhoon. actually I often think of you when I hear of yet another typhoon heading in your direction. hope it was only your oven which took the brunt of it's force.
    must say your new cooker is pretty snazzy. can't say that for the instruction manual though (he he he)
    by the way, i love doing the laundry!! im a neat freak.