26 October 2010

Distorted Image

I just had my hair cut after a long while. It's not something drastic, mind you. I can't go for my stylish cuts anymore since I'm working in a fairly conservative industry now.

So I was pretty 'high' from my new 'do when I had to go to my grandmother's house to pick up something. Her neighbor was there who didn't recognize me first. But when she did, she said something like this,

"Oh. Well, look at you. You're fat."

I didn't mind her at first. I know I'm not the skinniest of the lot, and I have gained quite a few pounds over the years. I love my body, and I don't mind toning it further. But I don't aspire to be 120 lbs again. Geez Louise, the last time I was that light was when I was in high school, nine to ten years ago!

You see, I would have let it pass, but she repeated it four times in two minutes.

Yes, yes, I get it. No need to rub it in. That may be one reason why I don't like having my picture taken anymore. I feel like I'm being distorted - not by the camera, but by the person taking the picture.

Honestly, there was this part of me that wanted to cry. But there was also this part of me that wanted to smack her upside the head. Instead, I silently smiled and just thought of the new journal I bought.

Well, it's high time that I fix my uniform then. Better get the sewing machine cracking.

Have you ever felt or experienced that? Having your image distorted by people?


  1. What a horrible woman. Never let someone else change the way you feel about yourself. :)

  2. Sis!!! SO sorry that you have to listen to such crap!!!

    I know what you mean, i have the same neighbor who went from "You're fat!" "Why aren't you married yet?" now that I am married: "Why don't you have a baby yet????"

    I want to say..shall I report everything to you? :)

    Ganyan talaga ang mga hindi busy! hahahah :)

  3. when you typed: "I love my body" it made me smile. that's the spirit!
    you should have told this to that heartless women.

    i find that people who can't say something nice are usually jealous of others, so don't take it to heart.

    that photo of you is a great shot.
    kinda got a 60s feel to it.

  4. This may be a year ago but I still want to comment.:)

    Don't let that old woman say those kinds of things to you! SHe's not even your best friend. (only best friends can do that to you) If I were in that situation, I would lock myself in my room. Boy, I don't want her dead. Hahaha!

    BTW, in the photo, you don't look like you're that fat :)