04 October 2010

Becoming -

I'm at a happy place right now. However, it was not without doubt and apprehensions. It is a slow process and the first thing I've learned about this whole experience is how to be patient. Like a flower, it blooms in its own time. And it definitely will wherever it is planted.

The place where I am in right now, both literally and metaphorically, is helping me discover myself. More often than not, I treat my stay here as a sabbatical. I rediscover, I become aware, I am strengthened. A lot of times it seems that I grope in the dark, trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Things are put in perspective with everyday encounters with my colleagues and students alike.

This is indeed, the season of becoming. I am looking forward at what I arrive to, or what I am molded into at the end of this current school year. The intricacies of who I am as a person, of who I imagine myself to be is slowly realizing itself into existence.

And for that, I am happy.


  1. i'm really happy for you. :*

    and these are really
    nice pics! :D

  2. glad to hear you are in a nice place! be it metaphorically or physically. hang in there :)

  3. What a wonderful post and I'm glad you're happy :) It's nice that you are and even better that you realise it. I hope it continues!

    That caterpillar pic reminds me of the hungry hungry caterpillar.

    Ps. Ever thought of opening your blog up to ppl without Open ID and google? Might be interesting to see how many more comments you get :D

    - sinta knittering.com

  4. marco: thank you!

    luuworld: thanks. every day is a challenge to hang on something happy :)

    sin: i did change my commenting box to intense debate but i found it too taxing after sometime. any recommendations? :)