11 July 2010

Growing up.

I just realized how long it has been since my last post. It hasn't been easy, with the passing of my lolo (grandfather) and then entering a new job, therefore a new phase in my life.

I feel so much older in the span of six, seven months. This half year mark had literally been a huge learning curve for me. It's funny to think that I was responsible before, but not as much as now.

I was used to being some kind of a loner. But taking care of my grandfather, during the last months of his life, made me realize what service, love and compassion meant. What it means to really be there for someone. What it means to think of others before your own.

The day my lolo died, I was praying that I could face every single day with joy in my heart. That I could joyfully accept whatever life threw at me. It was hard at first. I mean, since its precursor was with the death of a loved one. However, it really did help, that when I wake up and live my day, I am joyful and with a song in my heart.

It really does take a series of events to move from point A to point B doesn't it? I guess this year is really a year of joyfully accepting transformation.

How about you? Have you grown up lately? What kinds of transformations have you undergone recently?


  1. This is a lovely post and the photo is really nice. I've grown up so much..not only lately but years ago after going through difficulties in life! But hey, we're surviving and looking forward for the wheel to go up :D

  2. i feel this year is all about change. i've had one transformation after another so far!
    and i'm very sorry to hear about your lolo... it's always hard when a loved one passes away but the memories will always live on.

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  4. the boyfriend says he will be with you whatever changes happen.

  5. nice post- thanks for sharing!

    i never knew my two grandfathers because they died before i was born. but your post made me remember my grandmothers. i miss them a lot!

    and yes- i do feel like i've grown up lately (about time- i'm 32! lol)

    i've thought a lot about things and money lately. how i work my ass off to make a living, and then spend it on a a lot of useless stuff. my goal now, is to just spend money on things i think are worthwhile.

    like eating, traveling, going to the movies and drinking. material things just take up space.