26 April 2010


About 20 years ago, my grandmother decided to plant a santol seed at our backyard. And every summer since then, we've enjoyed the fruits of that one small act.

When I was a child, the tree provided much entertainment to us. We would climb up the tree and greedily get the fruit. We wouldn't eat it mind you. We'd just use the flesh as ammo with our improvised blow guns (aka the shell of old ball point pens).

Ripened fruits would constantly drop like heavy rocks on our roof, or on the yard. Our chocolate labrador apparently loves it.
Partly because it looked like a tennis ball for a game of fetch, and partly because she like to eat it.

This is how good she is at devouring santol. She has a technique, apparently. She eats the seeds whole!

But then again, this is the same dog who sleeps belly up and snores at the same time.

I'm so inspired with this that I'm googling on how to make santol juice and santol marmalade.

How about you? Any fruit cravings, lately?

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