06 March 2010

Reasons to ♥ summer

I'm a 'rain' person. I thrive with skies overcast and the crisp chill of the air. If only the Philippines had four seasons, then I would gladly embrace autumn.

But, we live north of the equator, and only get two seasons. They say it's rainy and dry, but I would contest with hot and hotter.

Summer came in early this year for this part of the world, and it ain't good. First with the massive floods, and now with the drought.

Anyway, there are still reasons why I ♥ summer. The beach is a given so I wouldn't include that here. This list is in no way hierarchical. Random list, is all.

1. The color of the sky

2. The smell of freshly laundered clothes that are dried out in the sun

3. How the afternoon light hits the foliage and curtains

4. Lazy breakfasts and lunches

5. Hot summer lovin'

So how about you? What are your reasons to ♥ summer?