22 March 2010

My Secret Wish(es)

I like thinking about what I'm supposed to wear. Sometimes I'd just look at clothes and imagine what would look good with it. I'm also frustrated because there are some clothes or style I can't really pull off because of the hot and humid weather where I live, and I'm not exactly the skinniest girl on the lot (although I once was just a few years ago). Anywho, my secret wishes are to have an extensive collection of clothes, and well, be a stylist or designer. Hee.

Not so secret anymore.

But anyway, thank you Lord for Looklet.com. They made my ideas reality. Here are the looks I pulled the first night I joined. Which is tonight. Haha.

I wish I had her hair.

And I wish I had that 9am meeting to go to.

And I wish I had the arms to pull this off and not look like a boxer.

If you have a looklet account, do add me up! Well, how about your secret wishes?