05 February 2010

I don't believe in luck, do you?

I was supposed to go for a job interview at 8am last Friday. However, I was wearing this red top that I was really determined to prove that it wasn't unlucky for job interviews despite its history.* I woke up late, got to the shower late (hey, seven people - one bathroom, not a great pairing), and then my car stalled just as I was about to go out of the subdivision (later that night we learned that the gas filter was faulty).

Maybe the job wasn't meant to be? I dunno. But, I was still sleepy and frustrated, so the boyfriend and I decided to eat breakfast somewhere.

I remembered that I promised him we'd go and try Fortune Deli Cafe's all-day, create your own breakfast thing. And so after nervously getting the car home, we hopped on a jeep and commuted our way to FDC at Q-Plaza.

You have a choice of Sausage/ Ham/ Bacon + Toast/Waffles/French Toast + Sunny Side Up/Scrambled Eggs + Coffee, all for Php100 (roughly $2)!

And so the boyfriend and I ordered the same combo, and were pretty happy about it. Funny though, that for the two times I ate there, the waffles were not available.

I love how the sweet French toast balanced the smokey and salty taste of the sausage (I think this is Schublig?). And the scrambled egg cleanses your palate after every bite. It's also nice that they put thought into the presentation. Maple syrup, brown sugar and the fresh milk are all on shot glasses, and are the perfect serving sizes. The brewed coffee isn't all that bad, but I'm not really complaining. And the staff are always courteous and warm, and it's like an old deli/diner that you can always feel welcome in.

The only qualms I have about FDC, is that it takes quite a while before they serve you your food. So don't come in really hungry - I suppose just at the brink of hungriness. And the exhaust isn't great. Once done, you'd end up smelling of baked bread, sausage, and some other things.

However, the food is oh-so-delicious, and they don't scrimp on serving sizes, it's cheap and you can have it all day.

I must say, although one would say that my day started "unlucky", it crescendo-ed to a good and happy ending.

* I've gone to three job interviews, four if you include this one, and didn't get the job when I wore that red top.