28 January 2010

So where are you now?

Can you find where I am? If you can't, then I can't really blame you. That's me when I was about 10lbs lighter, and a little bit more innocent. Just a tad bit. Hee.

Okay, fine, I'm the one sitting, with the bonnet (is that what you call it?), SLR, and a tag with FILMMAKER written on it.

This was our senior year photo and I remember the day we took it fondly. It's so funny that some of my classmates even spritzed on some perfume as if that would transcend over the photo. During that time, we were sort of sure what we wanted to be when we grew up. Sort of. I think we had the general idea, and I'm pretty sure that we were so sure we'd stick to whatever it was.

I wanted to be a filmmaker then, because I wanted, nay craved, to tell stories. After taking up my dream course, I was thrust into advertising for my first job. And guess where that landed me. Ha.

I still want to tell stories. I guess just not in the way I wanted to tell them six years ago. And that's the beauty of it, I think. Ever changing, constantly evolving.

So here's the thing. Where are you now in this point in your life? Is it where you wanted to be when you thought of it five, six years ago? Or are you in a place you thought you'd never be, and are happy that you are in?

Tell me. Where are you now?