07 December 2009

Striped Friday

I NEED help! I want to wear this dress on Friday, but I don't know what to pair it up with. So I need your help!

I bought this Topshop dress at the International Fair last October, and boy was it for a steal! Bought at Php500, roughly at USD10. I know it looks like an apron, but heck, do I love it (and it looks much better in person - sorry no actual photo, will update later).

So here's the thing. I love grey. And I'm thinking of pairing this up with grey tights...? Ahhh, I dunno. Should I keep it in a monochrome feel with just a splash of color (say purple cardigan)? Would flats look okay with this? Or heels?

Meh. I really need your help.


  1. I love it ^_^ I love the stripes and it doesn't remind me of an apron at all. Hrm, what to wear with it.. I guess it depends what you're going for? I'm tempted to play it up with a candy girl theme of knee high white socks and cute black shoes (or red if you're brave enough!). And maybe a cute beret!

    Sinta - http://www.knittering.com

  2. know what, i agree with sin, when i first saw the dress Im thinking red shoes. it's too sweet, so adding a little edge in it would be great. adding beret is cute too, it's a little nautical. if you're adding a cardigan, make sure it won't interfere with the beautiful structure of the dress. and $10? man it's a huge steal!!!


  3. It's adorable and I'm a sucker for stripes. The first thing I imagined with it is navy tights & maybe gray shoes? I like the idea of making it nautical with red, tho, too....

  4. I think you should go with a denim jacket and high heels, black ones.

  5. @Sinta: Oooohhh, never thought of the red shoes! Thanks for the input dear. Will definitely try that one out :)

    @betz: It is a steal! That's why I grabbed it..and I think it was meant to be since there was only one left with my size!

    @ambika: I was actually thinking of grey shoes too...heehee. There's this one shoes that's been haunting me (and she's on sale!)

    @xoxo: Mmmm, black shoes. :D definitely something there. :)

  6. ankle boots. black possibly. Use a bright floral scarf as belt, and a chunky necklace. That's how i imagine it would be.