22 December 2009

Making lists, giving gifts

A belated Happy Christmas to all! My family and I escaped the bustling city and spent time with my cousins from my mother's side in Tagaytay. I realized how much of a tropical girl I am. It was windy and cold where we were and I always thought I was punishing myself from the more temperate climate.

Anywho, one reason I love Christmas is because I love giving gifts. No kidding. I do love thinking about it and all.

Just to give an example, here's what I gave my officemates!

I've been roaring to have a tea party for the longest time. Some of my friends are willing to go with my quirk (hey, I want to be wearing a dress with a tea hat and a full production of scones and tea pots...) but we can't seem to find the time.

So anyway, I gave them (well, the managers at least) a small jar of home made (well, I didn't make them, the people I bought it from did,) Mango Lavender jam. It's yummy and smells divine. Especially on toasted bread.

For those not living in the Philippines, let me tell you that Philippine Mangoes are the BEST.

I also included in my *love package* a few packets of jasmine and earl grey tea. And capped it off with a card printed with a mango, lavender stalks, and teacup, with a reminder to consume the jam within three weeks upon opening. Hey, it didn't have preservatives.

And boxed it all up in a small box made for cupcakes. A tip for those who are looking for boxes here, try your luck in baking supply stores since they sell a myriad of it at a low price.

As for the other gift, well, I took my inspiration here. I didn't do the neatest job in the world, but it's the thought that counts right? Heehee. I'm just happy they loved it since it's useful (and more beautiful than my own canvas bag might I add).

I also gave something to our accounting department which I "wrapped up" in a plain white take-away box. I just stamped their initials to give it something unique.

Don't you just appreciate something given to you that was thought out or, at least, some effort was put into it? It's the little things that count, more that grand gifts or gestures, I suppose. The little things that make life interesting.

So what is that picture? Well, it's called a tampipi. Basically it's a straw box...I think. Haha. In the olden days, people used to put their clothes here when they travelled. But now,

I just use it to store my craft materials (aka my junk as my mom would put it).

Again, a belated Happy Holidays to you all!

And Happy Birthday Jesus!


  1. Hi there, thank you for dropping a comment in my blog ^.^
    I love the pictures of the straw box! In Indonesia, we call it 'besek'. And people use them to for food container. Your pictures make me wish I'd brought several to my home here ^.^

  2. lovely basket! I need to find something like that to sort ou my extensive amount of craft material/ paints/ sketchbooks etc.
    Great blog btw!
    Tomorrow x

  3. Belated Christmas to you too! Love the gifts!:D

  4. Gift giving is what I enjoy most about Christmas. Thinking of little ideas that may mean so much to the receiver. I love that you gave the gift of tea ^_^ The word of tea must be spread far and wide. And yes, Philippine mangoes are the absolute best!

    Sinta - http://www.knittering.com