12 December 2009

11th of December

Yesterday, I turned a year older, and hopefully a year wiser.

To recap:

Stripes for my birthday.

I couldn't find the perfect red shoes for the dress, but, I did find these shoes and immediately fell in love with it.

Pondered, and wondered about the idea of getting a shorter 'do.

Just to give an idea how the outfit turned out. I had to put on the cardigan because of a slight wardrobe malfunction. Note to self, go to the seamstress and have it altered to fit better.

The boyfriend and I celebrated at our favorite Italian place, Friuli Trattoria.

Ate Minestrone, with loads of basil. Nomnom.

Half Napoletana, half Tre Formaggi Pizza.

Mozzarella sticks with its own dipping sauce.

But we got tired of the breading, so we just peeled it off.

Finally, we had white chocolate mousse and double chocolate mousse from Gateau de Manille.

The best part though, were the lilies,

and the book he gave me.

All in all, 'twas a good day. :)


  1. okay, so you made me hungry... now i gotta grab something to bite.=)

    anyways, looks like you had a blast for your bday. God bless for the years ahead!


  2. Pretty lady! :D

    Miiiiiiiss you. Let's go out. Have to make it up to you, since we didn't get to hang out on your bday. :P

  3. Belated happy birthday hun :) And I love love loooove those shoes. You're looking great, seems you had a fab day! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Oh noes, food pics in the morning. Staaaarving now!

    Sinta - http://www.knittering.com

  4. Ahh!! Happy belated birthday, I'm so sorry I didn't wish you a happy bday earlier!

    Those shoes? Complete and total L-O-V-E. It sounds like your day went really well -- I'm glad!

    Soooo... what book? :P

  5. Happy belated birthday! :D Aah, I've been away from blogstalking for too long. Love the shoes, meowr!


  6. Happy belated birthday! It looks & sounds like it was a great time.