03 November 2009

Dress Day 1: Green Vintage circa 1960's (?)

Today's outfit is brought to you by...my undergraduate thesis. Well, the dress that is.

I'm not too comfortable taking pictures of myself, so pardon the cheeky face I have on. Anyway, back to the dress.

I love vintage silhouettes and styles, that's why I was drawn to this one. This is the actually the costume of the lead actress in my film. (Yes, I'm a film grad)

I think Joy wears it better though. Teehee. It has a button up front with a lace detail, and is much greener and warmer in person.

It has a collar too. I kept the two top buttons, well, unbuttoned to keep it from looking too dated.

I also love the little stitch details of the fabric.

This is part of my "I want to--" list. I want to wear more dresses because my jeans are rather, ah, constricting as of late, and I want to look more feminine. The only problem is that I commute to work everyday. And that means I ride a tricycle, a jeepney, and a bus to be able to get to the office. I admit that I'm such a cheapskate with taking a cab to work, but hey. This particular dress however, rates a cool 4.5 out of 5 for being commuter friendly.

To tell you honestly, I'm not too sure if this whole outfit works. I usually pair the dress with a deep brown braided belt and yellow peep-toe flats. But ever since the flood, the shoes and belt went bye-bye.

Rest of the outfit details:

Black cardigan by DC Classics - bought at SM Megamall Department Store
Red belt - I forgot the brand, but I also bought it at SM Megamall Department Store
Black satin sandals by Primadonna

Do tell me what you think, ok? Any comment regarding this look is highly appreciated.


A huge thanks to my colleague, Angee for lending her camera and photographing the dress details. This is why I need to buy a decent, small camera.


  1. I love this dress! Was the dress made in the '60s? The look is more late '40s to '50s to me. I think the outfit works, but I like what you said you paired it with before the flood. :(

  2. cute dress, the cut is perfect and works well for your body shape :) Sexyness! :)

  3. I like dresses like this. You look really beautiful in the dress. Anyway you look superiorly in a dress than I do lol. That's why I nearly never wear dresses, even when I like them.
    I also think it's more 50s

  4. @Mlle. C: Thanks! I like this one a lot.

    @Ate Peachy: I'm not entirely sure about when the dress was made. My production designer bought the dress at a thrift store somewhere. But if it looked like it was made in the 40s-50s, then it was effective for my thesis. It was set during that time.

    I'll try to buy the braided belt and the yellow shoes again...I just hope they still have those!

    Nikki: Thanks dear! :D

    nazarienne: Thank you :-) We all should wear more dresses. It takes a bit of work -- well, for me anyway, but in the end, it's worth it.

  5. not all can rock the 70's conservative fashion and you did it splendidly. i swear on me, it will look manang-ish. my mom says so.. she even told me way back na bagay sakin ung mukang "malaswa" ng onti. hahahahaha!! but on you, wow!! love the details but my unobserbative eyes wouldn't have noticed it til mentioned it... truly, you an eye for fasyon!! :)

  6. Gorgeous! I love the shoes! :D



  7. Oooooh I love it! The vintage style and the texture of the fabric! :) Gorgeous!

    Ps. Love your blog! Now following you on twitter :) Hope to read more.

  8. @Shen: Thanks so much! I actually like your fashion posts. :D

    @Meldee: Thanks Meldee. I also love the shoes. heehee. And I love your blog! It actually inspired me to wear more dresses ;-)

    @Sinta: Thanks, thanks! :D

  9. Lady na lady a!!! Dropping by to say howdy @euge

  10. Aw, thanks chick! :D Tis our mission, to convert the world to pretty dresses.../evil grins.

  11. that dress is beautiful! Looks great on you :)