02 November 2009

Being paparazzi...err, camera ready

I enjoy seeing celebrities' paparazzi photos. I like to see who they are away from the lights.

I also like taking photographs.

I just don't like people taking photographs of me. I'm (mostly) camera shy, and thrive from being behind it rather than in front of it.

The picture above was taken yesterday by my brother, around 11:30pm on All Saints Day, while we were visiting my grandfather's grave.

Camera ready much? Haha.

And this, after watching countless ANTM. I failed you Tyra. I failed being *fierce*.

How 'bout you? Any paparazzi shots lately?


  1. oohh I have a couple of paparazzi shots especially when my bro is back in Manila, he loves taking "fugly" shots of me :) you don't look bad in this shot,, you actually look great being natural!

  2. @ Nikki: Thanks! And I doubt you can ever look "fugly" ;-)