05 October 2009

True Blood [Beauty] Give-away!

The recent storm 'Ketsana' (locally known as 'Ondoy') hit very, very close to home. Our house and everything else was ravaged by the flood waters.

I was actually taking pictures of the prizes for my first give-away when our helper announced that the water outside our house was steadily rising. We're no strangers to storms and floods, but this time, it became too personal.

Our house is situated about a meter above the street, so you could say that we’re pretty high up. Although it’s a bungalow, so no second floor.
The waters rose too quickly and too high for our liking.

[The day after the Flood. This was taken a few meters outside our subdivision. The water has receded a bit at this point.]

You see, I was taking pictures at around 10am, and by 1 pm, I was standing on the roof of my dad’s workshop with the rain pelting down like pins on my back.
It was up to our chest in the house, what more outside? We sought shelter at the second floor of our neighbor’s house for the first night, eating nothing but a piece or two of ensaymada and some salt crackers for lunch and dinner.

[The day after the Flood. My brother walking on the street. Mind you, he's about 6'1", and like the picture above, the water has receded at this point]

However, even if this happened to us, leaving us nothing but the basic things we need, I’m still thankful that the whole family survived the ordeal. I’m even thankful, that somehow we still have a roof over our heads to call home.

To tell you the truth, when I was sitting at our neighbor’s stairwell, dripping wet, I was thinking if my [Sookie Stackhouse] books got submerged in the flood – I know, somehow it seems petty, but yeah, that was one of the things I was worried about.

You could say that this is a True Blood Thanksgiving Give Away. Yes, I am still giving away, two nail polishes from Orly (Bus Stop Crimson and Velvet Rope) as well as the third book from the Sookie Stackhouse series.
To enter, all you have to do is to answer either one of these questions:

If you were trapped in a raging storm (at night – just to give the vamps an even footing), which True Blood character would you want to be with you or to save you from it? Why?


What's one beauty item you'd take knowing that you're going to be trapped on the roof of your house because of the storm?

Just leave your answers in the comment section together with your email address. The contest is open to all and
ends on October 24, 9pm Philippine time (we’re +8 hrs GMT). :-)

I'll post the actual photos of the prizes as soon as I get internet connection at home. Heehee. 'Till then!

* Actual photos of the flood the day after were taken by my Mr. Martinez.
** To see the damage and mud Ketsana deposited, as well as the people who gave others hope and relief, visit www.ondoyphotos.com


  1. I'm glad that you and your family are safe!

    I think I'd take my favorite Redken Fresh Curls shampoo. If I'm going to be trapped in the rain, I might as well wash my hair- and look fabulous when it's all over. :)


  2. nice to hear that you and your family are safe.. Well for me if I will be trapped in the rain, I would love to have my MARY KAY timewise facial wash, I would glad to just wash my face and not feel sticky after the rain...


  3. i am glad to hear u guys are safe
    i wont join this contest but i think u are very kind to still be giving stuff away

  4. That sounds awful, glad everyone is safe and sound.

    I'd pick Vampire Eric to be stuck with, if I was hurt he could save me and if we were stuck for a long time I'm sure he'd be able to entertain me with stories from a thousand years ago to take my mind off things.

    If I could take a beauty product it would be a tin of Vaseline, it has so many uses (lips, dry skin, fixing hair....)- and I swear by the stuff!!

    Helen x


  5. Hiya. Hope you and your family are okay now.

    Because i only have BILL on my mind (LOL), i'll answer the 2nd question. I would definitely take with me, sunblock and body shop butter stick. My lips dry up like hell, so i really need this. And the sunblock...well, it is a necessity, even with no sun in sight!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  6. virgin coconut oil. for warmth, moisturization (skin and hair) and to boost my immunity (para hindi ako magkasakit) :D hehe

  7. Wow, I sure everything's better now.
    I'll definitely pick Eric (not just because I'm a great fan) but he would also provide a great distraction and keep me safe. =)


  8. Whoa, sounds scary! Times like these I'm glad I live in New England, even if it is brutally cold.
    On a lighter note... I'd totally take moisturizer with me. My skin cannot live without it! And I think I actually would consider risking my life by staying a few seconds longer to grab a tube of mascara. God, I love that stuff ;)

  9. glad to know your family is safe.

    What I will save is passport, identification card and some money/jewelry. So in case of need of food, use the money or jewelry to exhannge them. Passport/identification is important to identify individual.

    by the way I am new follower.

  10. Hope you're fine and safe now

    Well I would love to be with Sam, 'cause I panic easily and just being with my dog can make that I calm down. So if I would panic Sam could transform into a dog and calm me with just his presens as a cute dog.