30 October 2009


Before I was called by my immediate supervisor, I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to list down the things I want to accomplish. I was surprised that it was a relatively short list. Sixteen items to be exact. Okay, is 16 short? I dunno. Anyway, on to it!

I want to -
  • learn how to sew like a PRO! (But first I need to get my sewing machine fixed. It was submerged in the flood, you see)
  • create an "inspiration book" which I can translate digitally
  • learn how to become a domestic diva and/or goddess
  • learn how to invest
  • exercise regularly and to lose unwanted weight
  • save up for a spanking new laptop and small camera (lugging around the dSLR is a hassle)
  • know where my career is heading
  • have better control of my finances (aka stop impulsive shopping)
  • write more in my blog
  • jump start my racket with Kariza
  • not be late at work
  • learn to create blog templates or CSS or HTML
  • have a proper English tea party (with hats, dress and all)
  • take more photographs / relearn film photography
  • send and write snail mail letters/postcards (anyone care to join me?)
  • wear more dresses
There. Some sound simple enough, but some might take a helluva lot of time before I can accomplish them.

Oh, and as I'm writing this entry, I want to add one more thing.

I want to share the love more and more. And today, it starts with sharing my love for Jollibee's Peach Mango Pie.

Peach Mango Pie is ♥ I tell you. ♥ indeed.

Apart from the things I've listed above, I'll continue adding more as I think of how to better myself.

How 'bout you? What do you want to do?


  1. I want to keep on trying to make my mom well! That's my goal til the year end and the start of the year til forever! :) I won't give up!

  2. To lose unwanted weight I want too =) which women doesn't want that? lol
    Oh and I like snail mails. It's a beautiful kind of communication

  3. "send and write snail mail letters/postcards (anyone care to join me?)" --oh i miss this a lot.. =(

  4. @Nikki: We're rooting and praying for your mom's health! :-)

    @nazarienne: I really need to stick with this one. My current weight upset me when I saw it. Haha. And yes, snail mail is very beautiful.

    @KL: I miss it too :(