24 September 2009

Hey you! Yeah, it's me again!

This is crazy. I've been micro-blogging more than I've been blogging. And because I plan to make amends for this, and I'm still reeling from the end of True Blood's season 2, I am having my first blog give away!

One winner would get the following items:

Yep, this one is a True Blood (Beauty) give away! True Blood is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. I say based, because, although the show mainly follows the essence of the plot, Allan Ball takes liberties and diverts story lines. I like the books for the books and the show for the show. However, since Season 2 ended, I would be giving away the third book from the series, "Club Dead" to give you a sort of sneak preview to the next season. Oy vey, it'll come out around summer next year :-(

Now, I am also starting to explore the colorful world of nail lacquers. And sorting through bottles upon bottles of colors, I'm giving away one full sized bottle of BUS STOP CRIMSON and a miniature bottle of VELVET ROPE. Both are from Orly.

Why these colors? Well, Bus Stop Crimson reminds me of the vampires that I grew to love and their ferocity and loyalty. Trust me, BSC is deeper in color in person than that photograph. Velvet Rope on the other hand, is reminiscent of Club Dead -- I guess you have to read it for my color choice to take effect. Heehee.

There! I'll be posting the mechanics tomorrow, together with the actual picture of the items that the winner will be receiving. I was just so excited about this give away that's why I made the photograph. :D

I seriously hope I'd make converts with some of you lot, or if you are already a Trubie, then, be ready for more nail polish TB madness to come!

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