12 July 2009

Sunday Madness

Sundays are laid back for all of us. It doesn't matter if it's sunny, or as it is right now, cloudy with chance of rain. Laundry must be done, the dogs must be given a bath, and of course, we all must eat lunch together.

Today is no exception. Well, maybe just a tad bit. Our chocolate labrador, Hershey, wanted to play fetch with us and kept parading her ball. But no one wanted to because the cars were in the garage (hence no room) and the laundry were all out to dry in the backyard (so if she kept running back and forth, she'd be grazing on the laundry and they'd smell like her).

Whenever she wants to play, she places the ball on the stacked chairs. It's a good way to stop her from drooling all over our clothes.

But since no one wanted to play with her, she just destroyed the ball. -.- And she knows she has another one tucked away somewhere.

In other news, I am raring to get into shape. I don't mind losing a few pounds -- but I'm more of losing inches than pounds. Good thing my mom is also fitness obsessed, so she has all these exercise videos. Haha, nothing beats a good bonding activity with mom than a cardio workout.
My dad and brother kicked us out of the bedroom (with the flat screen TV) because they were bonding over UFC 100 (I love Lesner than Mir because he kinda looks like a bear. Heehee!). And so we had to make do with my brother's PC. And with the wonders of Youtube, I got my mom to watch some belly dancing exercises.

Speaking of losing weight, erm, inches, I am having my first giveaway really soon! :D I want my blogging to be proactive, and to help me shed those extra layers of fat. The prizes aren't much, but I do have them in mind (I might buy them today) and entering is really easy. So I am encouraging you girls to enter and participate! :)

And as I'm typing this, it just started to rain. I have to go help and get the clothes before they're soaked!