10 July 2009

Online Shopping

In all my years in online existence, I have yet to try online shopping. I always lurk, and never buy. I have tried to a few times, but the hassle of never seeing it before handing my payment always gets to me.

But it all might change.

Isn't she a beaut? *Sigh* The dresses this website offer are my kind of dresses. If only I could get them all. -.- You see, I don't own a credit card, so that's hard for international buys, but here in the Philippines, we have GCash and bank transfers...

So how 'bout you? Have you tried any online shopping (for clothes)? Do you have any tips/recommendations?


  1. I haven't tried buying clothes on line internationally, I've done once locally at My Pink Closet...its difficult because you really can't tell how it'll look in person!

  2. that IS a cute dress!!!

    remember to use a tape measure it will help so much! I have biught from yesstyle.com.... some clothes did turn out different from what i expected... then i bought from topshop and my sister checked them out, they look exactly like the pics luckily!

    hope that helps!!

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