12 June 2009

You know you're Filipino if...

Maligayang Araw ng Kasanrilan! [Happy Independence Day!]

To commemorate the Philippines' 111th year of independence (although if you ask me, I suppose we truly never were -- but that's a different post), I'll be lifting some Filipinisms if you will from the book "You know you're Filipino if..." by Neni Sta. Romania-Cruz. The one's in red are my own. (And all photos are taken from google.com)

Try to find out if you are one will you? :P
  • Your middle name is your mother's maiden name.
  • You have relatives whose nicknames consist of repeated syllables, such as Jun-jun, Ling-ling, and Mon-mon.
  • You call the parents of your friends and your own parents' friends "Tito" and "Tita". (Uncle and aunt)
  • You greet your elders by touching their hands to your forehead. (This is called Mano, see illustration below)
  • You demand that your children sing and dance to amuse your friends and relatives. (I was subjected to this when I was really young. HAHAHAHAHA)
  • Your house has a distinctive aroma.
  • On your living room wall you display a shield bearing "The Weapons of Moroland" alongside a giant wooden rosary and wooden tinikling dancers and Ifugao heads. (My lola's -- grandmother's -- house has the shield and tinikling is a dance)
  • You decorate your dining room wall with a giant wooden spoon and fork and a picture of the Last Supper. (Again, my lola's house has it. Teehee.)
  • You keep a Sto. NiƱo shrine in your living room (True that -- again at my lola's house)
  • Your house has a "dirty" kitchen and a "clean" kitchen (My aunt's house has this)
  • You recycle plastic shopping bags as garbage bags (This is why the whole paper bag thing at groceries never took off -- as well as why people are having a hard time switching to reusable bags)
  • You keep a tabo in your bathroom (Tabo is a water dipper)
  • You use a halved coconut husk to polish the floor.
  • You shower at least once a day.
  • You prefer hand-washed to machine-washed laundry
  • You prescribe a ginger brew and a salt mouthwash to treat sore throats (This works!)
  • You eat more that three times a day.
  • You think a meal is not a meal without rice.
  • You don't need a knife to cut your food. (True! :P)
  • You think sandwiches are snacks, not meals.
  • You can't enjoy a meal without patis, toyo, vinegar, banana catsup, or bagoong (Patis is fish sauce, toyo is soy sauce, and bagoong is shrimp paste)
  • You hang your left arm out the window and wave your hand to signal a left turn.
  • You hang a rosary on your car's rear view mirror.
  • You drive where there's space, even if it means converting a two-lane street into a four-lane road.
  • You think Christmas season begins in September and ends in January.
  • You feel compelled to give pasalubong to all your friends and relatives each time you return from a trip (Coming-home present)
  • After buying a new pair of shoes, you keep the box for storing an old pair of shoes.
  • You use paper foot outlines when buying shoes for friends and relatives.
  • You point with your lips.
  • You hold your palms together in front and say "Excuse, excuse" when you pass in between people or in front of the TV (Dear Lord, I always do this!)
Whew! That was long! There is actually a lot more, but then, the author might sue me. So how many of the statements can you relate to? Maybe you are Filipino!


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    Hopefully you enjoy it!

  2. Had fun reading through :-)Nice to know the bits of peculiarities that sets us apart from being South American Asians :-)