03 June 2009

Updates, Shmupdates

Hi All!

Hm, what can I say -- it's raining mad, thanks to the monsoon rains, and I'm too early for work.

I actually arrived at around 630am thanks to my car being banned from major roads today (my plate ends with 6, and cars with plate numbers ending with 5 and 6 are banned from 7am to 7pm).

So anyway, I've been thinking, I really want to hold my very first contest. And many more contests/giveaways for that matter. So please do watch out for that. I have the concepts, I just can't think of the prizes. Heehee.

Okay, mmm, what else. Oh, I can't wait to post my very first FOTD -- as soon as I wind down from applying face meds every four hours -.-

ALSO, I can't wait to show some sewing projects of mine (as soon as I get them done)...I'm quite happy with the new sewing machine, and so is my Dad. It's funny how he uses it more than me.

Yeah, yeah, that's me with my dad :D

And lastly, I want to get some feedback from you all. I mean, how can I improve this blog better (other than updating more frequently -- hey, work gets in the way :P), and what other features or articles or whatnot you want to see more.

I suppose that's it! Well, before I end this, let me just show you one series I'm currently obsessed with (I cannot wait for the second season).

And so I leave you with Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin. She's pretty, no?

And now I bid you adieu. 'Till next time :)


  1. I know, the rain is just crazy and everyone's been getting sick, take care!

  2. Aw don't be sick! Take care girl~

  3. OH I really want to see that show!!! I remember Anna Paquin from that movie with all the ducks LOL. Can't wait to see what your crafty hands create with your sewing machine :)

  4. oooh sewing projects
    i wanna see!

  5. aaawww sewing project! I want a machine for myself, when I was in grade school I got the highest grade on sewing... I just use manual w/ "karayom and sinulid" he he he... can't wait for your contest. :)

  6. rainy season is here for japan :( sucks!

    that books looks interesting!! i like vampires xD