11 June 2009

Quick Peek at Work

Happy 111th Independence Day to all the Filipinos! Today is supposedly a holiday, but boo me because I have to work.

Here's just a quick peek at where I work. I took this at around 6pm yesterday, so almost every one has gone home. By the way, I took it with an old fish eye lens for film attached to my DSLR -- and I kind of like how it turned out.

I work for an advertising company, but my discipline is media rather than creative. Plainly said, we're the ones who find the medium where to put the ads the creative people conceptualize, as well as 'explode' the campaign.

Here is my very, very, very cluttered workstation. I seem to hoard paper bags, art materials and boxes, big and small. I'm happy about the boxes though. I recycled them so I could "organize" my things! Oh and if you look close enough you'd see I stick numerous post-its on my monitor.

As much as possible I tried to personalize my space. Apart from the clutter, I posted four pictures - one of my grandmother, my boyfriend as a toddler, our "ancestral" home, and a picture of my dad in the airport when he was about 15 or 16 years old. I also have a postcard of UP's Film Institute, a cow puppet given to me by my brother, different DVD's and music CD's.

I'll be working for this company for a year on the 16th. And I've moved 4 or 5 different stations since I started, only to end up at my first desk.

Anyway, how about you? Where do you work? And how do you personalize your space?

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