24 May 2009

My perfect Saturday afternoon

I know, I know, I'm not updating as much as I want to. Anywho, it's been a busy, busy and challenging week -- or month, for me. But I thank God I have a boyfriend that's so supportive and loving ;}

We went back to our alma mater -- The University of the Philippines -- so he could buy me isaw (ee-saw). Chicken intestines to be exact. Barbecued to yummy goodness.

Here comes the pictures.

Isaw manok or chicken intestines, selling for PHP 2.00 (roughly 4 US cents a stick)

And here they are on the grill...

I can't believe we bought 40 pieces.

But I suppose it was all worth it -.-

This is Cheska. She's the daughter of one of the vendors.

They sell out really really fast.

The view. Hahaha. UP never fails to surprise me.

This particular isaw place is now located beside UP College of Law (Malcolm Hall). A building stood once on this piece of land but it burned down years and years ago. Remnants of the bathroom (if I'm not mistaken) are still there though.

And now to the field beside my college - the College of Mass Communication (Plaridel Hall). Too bad I didn't get to take a picture of the Sunken Garden -- it's basically a field that's sinking. Haha.

I wanted to do an FOTD. But by the time the boyfriend took a picture of me, I was too sweaty and the eyeshadow had faded. However, I am happy with this Max Factor Mascara coupled with the Clarins Double Fix' (thank you Fuz for enlightening us all with that product!)

Okay, I'm just happy with this picture because the shorts I'm wearing is my first sewing project!

UP's main symbol is the naked man with arms outstretched aka The Oblation. On his pedestal is a plaque basically telling what UP Scholars are all about. Those without blemish and a pure heart are those deserving to lay his life for his country. The youth in so which the country is hopeful for. This is taken from our National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal's book, "El Filibusterismo"

And so now I leave you with the silhouette of The Oblation. His arms outstretched, ready for his country, his future.


  1. wow..i love your full body shot!!! really! it's nice to see the FULL you :)

    by the way, those shots are lovely!!!!!

  2. shucks sarap ng ang isaw sa UP.. i remember in college how we'd hang out in your campus just for the isaw and the sizzling (at ____?I forgot the name of the place).. haha

  3. Nice photos!! Chicken intestines... I've never tried that!

  4. @ Nikki: Thanks so much! :}

    @KL: masarap talaga hahahaha...sizzling ano yun? :P

    @ Fuz: You should try that. hahahah, glad you're not that squeamish, even at the thought of it ;)

  5. wow you made shorts! cool.. great pics :)

  6. wowow i was wondering where u went!
    u need to update more

    and the red sauce looks good!

  7. @ Nic Nic: Hahaha, that I did! Thanks! :D

    @ Yumeko: I know :-/ Work gets in the way of blogging. hahahaha!

  8. LOL @ 40 isaw! i have never eaten isaw, seryoso haha.

    love your candid shots :D

  9. Hi. I missed eating isaw. Sarap!

  10. isawwww!!!!! my favorite!! lolz. :DDD