10 May 2009

Lo. Lee. Ta.

As an anniversary gift, my boyfriend surprised me with a copy of one of my favorite books.

And what's more lovely is that he gave one of the book's first editions!

It's obsessive, consuming love. It's dangerous, but it was love. Lolita is your devil, is your passion.

If you have the time, try to look for it and read it. Although I must say that this book isn't for everyone. Don't say I didn't warn you. ;}

Hmm, maybe I should go and do an inspired look like Lo? No, not the Japanese one - it's this Lolita. The mischievous, innocent, powerful Lolita. :} With her 40's-50's vintage clothes...whaddya think?


  1. oh you should so do the lolita look!!!!

    i would love to check out this book...

  2. oh man I read that book for fun in the 8th grade and I really did not get it. I still have the copy so perhaps I should go back and read it again now that I'm more "mature" haha. It is so lovely that your boyfriend got you the first edition, that is such a special and thoughtful gift!!

  3. NicNic: I hope I could pull it off though :D heehee. You should definitely check out this book.

    Audrie: It took me two readings to fully appreciate it. I can't put it down every time! :D A revisit is good, good, good! :D

  4. I love Nabokov.

    Have you seen kubrick's movie?
    Here is the trailer :


    =) Nice day

  5. How nice of him, a sweet, meaningful gift that he knew you'd love! :D

  6. I liked this book too!^_^ It's really a must-read.:)

  7. ive seen the movie, i need to read the book. where did your boyfriend get/buy it?