10 March 2009

Tagaytay Anniversary Trip

08 March 2009

Well, it's my parents' 24th anniversary, and as usual, we always tag along during their special day. Haha.

We went to Tagaytay to do the following:

a. Eat at Mano's Greek Taverna (amazing, superb, food - beats CYMA by miles - erm, literally and figuratively - a must try is the baklava and moussaka)
b. Go to Good Shepherd's to buy more food (ube dimples, macapuno...ube..and ube)
c. Say a little prayer the the Pink Sisters Convent
d. Find Ilog Maria and hoard honey/bee's wax products like lipbalm, lotion, soap, soap, soap, leather wax, wood wax, hair wax
e. Traipse over Mushroomburger to buy...mushrooms
f. Final stopover at Bag of Beans to buy bread, bread and more bread

Can you see the pattern here? Hahaha! We mostly went to Tagaytay for food -_-"

Mano's Greek Taverna is owned by a Greek expatriate and his Filipino wife

I love the plate and the details on the knife and spoon

Greek bread and Tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip)

Greek Salad

Greek Coffee in Medium

Homemade yogurt with honey, walnuts, pistachio, hazelnuts

And now, we're in Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm where their products are either made from honey, bee's wax and everything in between

Detail of their museum

Oh, what is this I see? A beehive?

Erm, nope, it's the roof of their comfort room, bamboo house (eh?)

After doing my business, hehe.

Which happens to be taking a picture of the toilet bowl in it's natural surroundings. Pwaha.

Would you like to take a shower now?

As if you're in Gilligan's Island? Or Lost? Or Survivor? Or maybe, just some tropical paradise?

Over to Mushroomburger, where their sign is a bit trippy

But I have to admit, the burger is good!

But the carving at the door, is trippy.

And the last stop at Bag of Beans for more bread love, which we didn't take a picture of.

But they are delicioso.

And of course, let's not forget the happy couple. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :D


  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. That yogurt sounds refreshing! P&J is really great, their packaging also convinced me into buying their stuff haha. I wish it was more accessible to me in Arizona. There's no boutique so I can't try or swatch anything. =/ XOXO

  2. Tell your parents I said Happy Anniversary! XOOX
    Your pictures are beautiful. They're magazine ready!

  3. Greek food is sooo good! And your pictures are so pretty! Congrats on your parents' anni :D

    Yeah, I don't typically reach for drugstore foundations. I prefer my bb creams and mineral foundation, hehe! :D

  4. happy anni to your parents!
    the yogurt looks sooo yummy!!
    the maquillage blush is quite nice...it's just the actual blush color is so pigmented hahaha...that's the first one i own that needs a bit of practice to get it right

  5. happy anni to your parents. it's very sweet!