06 March 2009

Shiseido & Coffret D'Or lippies

I've been meaning to write about my new found [love for] lipsticks, but I've been too lazy to post about it. Haha. Anywho, here they are, Shisheido Perfecting Lipstick in P1 and Coffret D'Or in PK-231.

Shiseido's P1 is much darker in person.

Top: Coffret D'Or in PK-231
Bottom: Shiseido in P1
both swiped twice

Coffret D'or's PK-231 is a "natural" pink lipstick that enhances my lips' natural color, and goes on sheer. It glides on like butter, which I love! It also hydrates the lips for hours on end. Color pay-off is good, with a number of swipes, and the lasting power is something. Even if I've drank tea and whatnot, a good amount of color still remains on my lips.

Bought at the Kanebo counter (SM Megamall Department Store) for Php 1,500 (approx. $31.25).

On the other hand, Shiseido's P1 is a reddish-brown with a hint of peach lipstick that with one swipe makes my lips look like it's just been bitten. It's actually named Acorn which I think is apt, even though I've never really seen an acorn before. Hehe. Although it doesn't glide on like butter unlike Coffret's, it definitely also doesn't dry out my lips.

Bought at the Shiseido counter (SM Megamall Department Store) for Php 1,250 (approx. $26).

If I were to choose between the two, Coffret D'Or definitely wins. I'm still planning to buy other Coffret D'or lippies for sure! I just have to budget it, haha, thanks to the price ;-) For those using the brand, do you have any suggestions for colors?

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  1. Ooo you should also check Coffret's newest lippies, the Shine Drape Rouge! So watery and nice, hehehe.

    Don't forget Maquillage's Moisture Rouge too!! Super awesome! :]