16 March 2009

Elianto Brush Cleanser

Naive as I am about make-up and whatnot, I decided to go and buy some brush cleanser for my brushes. Mind you, I used to clean them with mild soap before I decided on buying the cleanser.

It really did not come across my mind until I saw the Elianto counter at a local mall, and bought it for Php299 (approx. $6).

I've no idea whether I am that naive in using the product, or that it just really sucks.

After cleaning my brushes, they became a stiff and a bit sticky. Sure, they were cleaned, but any form of softness and pliability were gone!


I suppose they were better off with mild soap and warm water, then?


For those of you who've tried this product, was it worth it? Or did your brushes become stiff and sticky too?


  1. hi--i myself use bobbi brown brush cleaner, and it has worked very well for me. after the brushes dry they are somewhat stiff, but they soften up right away after a couple of uses. if your brushes are sticky that means that all the cleaning agents haven't been properly washed out. honestly, you are probably right: you're better off with mild liquid soap and water. try baby soap, which has less chemical agents.

  2. thanks for that ate tricia :)

    there's one brush that i absolutely love but is now unsalvage-able.

  3. sorry to hear about that product :( I like to use shampoo and water for the larger brushes. I used to MAC brush cleaner which was pretty gentle. I tend to use Shu Uemura brush cleaner for the smaller brushes... though it stinks!

  4. i use mac brush cleaner but if i use too much it also becomes sticky
    it seems u gotta really rinse it out?

  5. I'm sorry the make up brush cleaner did not work out for you. I use Clinique's brush cleaner. It works well, but it leaves a strange chemical smell. It cleans really well though, I will have to find a brush cleaner that smells yummy after I finish it haha. For some reason, I couldn't find the L'Occtitane firming gel on Sephora's website, I think I got lucky at my store. I hope you can find it though! I know, the lippies are so gorgeous! I love them hehe.