06 March 2009

Color me Happy

Because of a failed attempt to move out of my current home, I just decided to renovate my room! The ceiling needs to be redone, and so do the colors. Ah, my room's current palette is purple/lavender - yes, I had that phase back in high school, and I think I also blame Sweet Valley for that. Haha!

So anyway, I've been toying with different color combinations in my head, until I saw this picture -

[img src]

A definite EUREKA! moment for me (oh, and I love that show, by the way). The above picture contains all of my favorite colors. How art inspires, indeed.

And I'm also inclined with this palette of blues while I was browsing through decor8blog.com

Although I love the colors, I have a slight problem. My room is tiny. And painting it with these colors would just look cluttered and claustrophobic. I just need hint, whispers and dabs of the color for it to work. And so I searched high and low, and googled for color combinations, until I stumbled upon the Sherwin-Williams site that would help you visualize color schemes for rooms.

So here are some schemes that I've picked, and hopefully, get your vote on. Note that it's just a mock up and the I'm just interested in making the colors complement each other.

So what's your pick? Can you help me? I'll post some pictures of my room, I suppose, to get the feel of the colors. Thanks!


  1. i like the first option.. Ü

  2. i really like the blue room...i think yellow would just make your room look dim

  3. I looove 1 and 3, the blues! They would brighten up your room w/o making it appear cluttered or small. The yellows are too mustardy for me.

    If you're ever in the States, or go somewhere where there is a Sephora, go find MUFE! It's an awesome line!