01 March 2009

Shiseido Perfect Smoothing Foundation

And so I finally gave in to the call of that elusive counter I've passed by so many times.

I never gave the brand too much thought until I saw the brightening veil review from Fuz's site. I got so intrigued, and stopped by to check it out. But while trying it out, I fell for the Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation. I was hesitant at first to buy it because of the price tag.

It took me several "excursions" to different Shiseido counters, always trying it out, and falling in love with it more and more.

I finally convinced myself in considering buying the foundation, but I was also thinking of getting the Paul & Joe one a try.

Cut to last Thursday, thinking, hoping and praying that I would find the P&J counter at a nearby mall, but to no avail. I think it was a sign!

So here it is -

My face's gain, and my wallet's loss.

Shiseido's Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation in O40 (Natural Fair Ochre)

The compact and the foundation were separate, and I had to "install" it. Haha! And although it set me back Php 2648 (approx. $55.17), the freebies made the price all less disappointing. Or whatever.

(From this point onward, please pardon the 'background for the photos. It's my little girl bedspread, Snow White to be exact :p)

The sponge and the supposed refill.

Inside the compact

Beautiful Packaging

Now, I would provided a picture of me wearing the foundation, but I tell you, camwhoring with a DSLR is NOT FUN.

Moving on. I love, love, LOVE this foundation because of it's finish. Not only is it true to it's name (it does smooth out my skin), the best part is it looks as if I have dewy skin. Which is almost impossible because my face is an oil mine.

I love that as the day progresses, it looks more natural - but after 4-5 hours I have to blot and retouch. This doesn't control oil that much. I'm definitely thinking of getting the Mattifying Veil next for it to serve as a primer.

I also love the packaging. It's simple yet classy. However, because of the dark color, my fingerprints are all over the place. I had to make a custom 'slip' for the compact to also make it scratch free.

So I guess that's it! My first truly wonderful foundation that's for keeps.

Oh, there is one picture the the BF took with me wearing the foundation :D

Ay, my face looks squished :))


  1. I love Shiseido.... their face wash rocks!! :)

  2. I agree...Shiseido has impeccable packaging! The foundation looks good on you :D

  3. Sarah: I've yet to try their face wash! :)

    Vivi: Thanks! hehe :D

  4. i think i used this foundation sample... it was awesome!! somehow i never bought it after lol. i finished though!! great purchase!