10 February 2009

Post #1

This isn't my first time to blog, or even to own an account. However, this is my first time to enter the blogosphere and talk about things I'm currently into or am trying to pursue.

I suppose I should introduce myself first. My name is gn. (pronounced as gene), although that isn't my real name. Haha. Well, it somehow evolved to someone calling me gingerbee back in college, and somehow, I liked that little petname, but it never stuck.

I'm 22 years of age, currently working in my first job at a media company here in the Central Business District of Makati (Philippines). I was a film major back in college, and although my job is somehow related to the degree I earned, I am still adamant in pursuing a full time career in photography. I love fashion photography as well as intimate portraits. I'm still seeking my style, and hopefully I'd get there soon enough.

I'm also a bit of a flowerchild/tree hugger. I care about the earth, and I want to do my part in saving her. If this means re-evaluating the way I live, then so be it.

I'm a novice at pretty much everything written under this blog - especially make-up/fashion...ha! I stalk and sulk and whatever around other make-up and fashion blogs for the longest time, and I suppose this is also what got me into creating my own account.

Ok, this is a long first post. My head is buzzing (no pun intended) with ideas and other stories to tell, but I guess there are other posts for that.

Before I leave, however, I want to share with you my (also newly created) Poupee. I pretty much dress the same for work everyday, except for the pumps - I usually wear Chucks.


  1. hi gn! welcome to blogger! Ü i'll link you in my blog ha..

    take care!

  2. Thanks! :) hehe, i'm still wandering blindly on how to fine tune the layout. hehe! :)

  3. Welcome gn! :D Thank you for following my blog! It's so nice to meet you, and I look forward to more of your posts!