25 February 2009

F(ood) of the Day: Lamb Chops

If you're vegetarian, it's time to hit the back button. Because my food of the day is lamb. Yummy, Australian Lamb Chops.

Okay, now I feel bad for the lamb. But hey. o.o

So the lamb chops were what we had for our valentine's date. It was much better than eating out, and costs cheaper too! We only paid Php450 (roughly $9) for, I think about a kilo of lamb meat, or about 16-18 slices. And it is cheap considering how hard it is to get lamb here in the Philippines.

So here's what we did (pardon the blurry pictures, the boyfriend had a hard time maneuvering the camera. haha!)

This recipe is made for 6 slices. Mind you, I'm not good in approximating things, you might want to adjust and all along as you go.

The ingredients are:

Around 5 cloves of garlic
dijon mustard
thyme and rosemary (preferably fresh, but the dried variety would work as well too.)
different colored peppercorns, freshly ground
salt to taste

we only used one

Crush the garlic cloves and roughly chop the thyme and rosemary. If you're not fan of the herbs, then you could settle for half a tablespoon each of thyme and rosemary, but if you fancy it, then a tablespoon (or more) would do. Coarsely ground the peppercorns.
Mix it with the Dijon mustard and slather it on both sides of the lamb. Let it sit for 30mins to an hour, hour and a half.

After marinading it, you can opt to take off the strings of herbs if you used fresh ones (but I didn't, haha!). Put some olive oil in the grilling pan and cook until, well, it looks cooked. Only add salt at the last minute.



  1. haha i had australian steak for vday
    we were both eating australia products!

  2. any special marinades on your aussie steak? haha!

  3. looking good! i'm sure it was delicious.

    i actually hate the taste of mutton. there's something about the aftertaste that gets to me. same thing with cheese made out of sheep's milk or goat's milk. it just registers as baaaaad. hahaha, much like that pun.

  4. OOOH! I've never had real mutton, only mutton dumplings...it was probably fake mutton. Like...mutton flavored tofu or something. Hmm perhaps I'll try to make it :D