23 February 2009

Eye Spy

Here in the Philippines, we have such a thing as paglilihi when someone is pregnant. (It's something of an old wive's tale)

You can say that what you eat or look at or are fond of during the course of your pregnancy can directly affect what your child looks like, or the attributes of their character. For example, they said that my mom was fond of hopia that's why I was born with light and a bit of dry skin.

But then again, I think she was also looking at a panda, thanks to the dark circles under my eyes!

These were taken last December 26, 2008, when I was really, really sick during a family reunion. They actually look worse in person. Meh.

And so now, I'm constantly hunting for the eye cream/serum/whatever-else they want to call it, that would help minimize the dark circles. I was actually eyeing Hylexin, until I saw the price (Php 7000++, approx. $144.93 at the current exchange rate) for that little tube. So, no thanks to that one and moved on.

I've tried the one from Nivea Whitening Eye Cream in the past, but to no avail. I think I might also be allergic to some of its ingredients, because it made the area around my eye itchy and dry/tight.

Countless products have tempted me to try and buy them to test out. However, either the price turns me off, or the reviews I read.

So ladida, there I was browsing through some stuff at Healthy Options, when I spotted some "natural" products that had eye creams, but none specifically targetted in reducing dark circles, until the SA directed me to the ones behind the glass casing.


I bought this one for Php 1,089 (approx. $22.55)

The ingredients.

The container.

What the cream or should I say, creme, looks like. It only looks mottled because of air bubbles I suppose, when it was packaged.

The product is smooth and velvety and is easily absorbed by the skin. You only need a small amount to apply under and around your eyes. The best thing about it is it's animal cruelty and paraben free! I've only used this product for 8 days, twice a day (morning, under concealer, and at night) and I've seen *some* improvement on my left eye, but I guess, it's still too early to tell. However, I love how I'm not allergic to it (because it seems I'm allergic to almost everything these days) and how smooth my eye area has become.

My only gripe about this one is the packaging. As a standard rule, I'm not one who's fond of double dipping.

So there. I'll update as soon as I finish this product. If this doesn't work, then I'm off to find another one. Meh.

How 'bout you? What do you use for your eye area? Any suggestions?

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  1. i have always been on the hunt for eyecream
    tried almost everyything thats been hyped in the market, i hope to find something that works someday